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{FREE} 4×6″ printable – ‘I am free’

This week’s freebie is something close to my heart.

‘Free’ is my main word, desire, feeling for the year. I’m constantly drawing myself back to it. Asking if things feel ‘free’. Asking myself how I could be more ‘free’. I love it.

And it’s been a theme of the posts I’ve been sharing this week I noticed!

So when I got out my inks at my art table for some lettering fun, of course this was my favourite play ~ “I am free”.

So I’ve made it into a digital printable to share with you all. Perhaps get a little 4×6″ frame, print off a copy at your local photo store & place it on your desk, to remind yourself, at all times, that you {& us all} are at essence, free.



Enjoy, share some piccies with me when you use this ~ I’d love to see how you’ve made it work into your beautiful life.

From my heart to yours.

Bliss Inventive Hearts You

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    • Thank you so much beautiful Eirryn!! I’m a bit excited about it all!! I’d love to have everyone able to utilise programs & create more beauty for their blogs & biz without breaking the bank!! {A lot of alliteration there!} Thank you so much for your support, you my friend, are amazing!! xx

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