Welcome to Bliss Inventive

Bliss Inventive offer inspirational design, products, programs & coaching for rebels with a cause: creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators, spirit junkies, healers, wellness devotees, lovers, leaders and seekers who want to leave the world a bit better.

Founder, Nikki Fern – with 14 years mastery as an elite brand designer – works 1:1 with industry leaders on creating stunning branding identities where they own their magic and stand out from the crowd. Nikki has 7 years experience in human behaviour as a Transformational Life & Business Coach and has coached likeminded entrepreneurs both 1:1 & in deluxe group programs, delivered inspiring talks at various events and been interviewed from print to podcast. With a deep passion for soul-fuelled living, she continually creates unique, inspiring, beautiful & useful products such as the inspirational coffee table book ‘Make Bliss Happen’ & the annual ‘Let Bliss Happen’ daily planner.

Bliss Inventive was formed in 2014 in beautiful tropical North Queensland, merging Nikki’s various business pursuits into a singular business. The vision was to have a ‘home’ that felt amazing, had the right vibe and was ‘open’ enough to house all of Nikki’s range of talents, passions & offerings to the world, with room to grow sustainably and organically in the future.

Our gorgeous name “bliss inventive” is the perfect description for this on-going creative odyssey we’re undertaking, together. No boxes, no limitations ~ just onwards & upwards via joyful creative expression.


  1. perfect happiness; great joy.
  2. something providing such happiness.

synonyms: joy, pleasure, delight, happiness, paradise.



  1. having the ability to create or design new things or to think originally.
  2. showing creativity or original thought.

synonyms: creative, original, innovative, imaginative, ingenious, resourceful.


Since she was 19, Nikki has run many businesses from fashion design, jewellery creation, health & wellness offerings, style blogging & graphic design ~ all with an underlying message of owning your unique flavour & being the most radiant version of yourself. Whilst running her own business, Nikki funded full-time study with Queensland Institute of Graphic Arts & Design in 2006. Nikki enrolled to The Coaching Institute to become a Transformational Life & Business Coach in 2013.

The Bliss Inventive mission: beautifully elevating you to the next level. Nikki has a knack of reading between the lines, getting into the essence of YOU and expressing that artistically. Every branding creation is unique for each clients style/personality/message and developed with love and Nikki’s original design flair. Due to this we only collaborate with legends who are aligned with what we’re about + who we are as THIS is where the magic really happens. We are fortunately very sought after and with Nikki as the sole designer/coach it’s physically not possible to work with everyone. For those aligned souls we do co-create with, the bliss is well & truly felt!

Don’t die with your music still inside you: embrace & express your inner magic. Because your soul-fuelled expression is your legacy.

Are you feeling the call? Let’s make YOUR bliss happen.


It’s time to launch, boost, champion, upscale & empower you!

Aloha I’m Nikki!

I’m a soul fuelled creator, transformational coach, inspirational speaker, creative director of Bliss Inventive, founder of Bliss Is Our Birthright and author of Make Bliss Happen.

Along with a truckload of soul-fire for living this one wild life, I am passionate about lifetime learning with 14 years mastery as an elite brand designer, 7 years expertise in human behaviour, Meta Dynamics I, II & III, group facilitation, speaking and am a Master Practitioner in Transformational Life & Business Coaching. I am honoured to have been widely featured over the years amongst the likes Cosmopolitan, Inspired Coach, The Gold Coast Bulletin, Chictopia, Chik, Wild Sister, Dolly & The Daily Mercury.

I’ve always been a creative spirit, passionate about leading by example, being as true to my heart as possible and leaving a legacy during my time earth-side. I have two beautiful sons, Leo: 9 & Reef: 4. I know an important part of my life’s journey is to be the best mama possible to these legends & help raise them to be gentlemen. I love Bliss Inventive and being able to be creative & make a difference daily with like-minded souls. It feels like an absolute privilege to be able to live this life and I will always be grateful for the gifts I’ve been given and the amazing people I get to collaborate with.

I write, create art & products to help us SEE. I speak to help us HEAR. My intention is to motivate and inspire to help us FEEL. All to constantly reignite that inner spark where we KNOW we are naturally joy, peace, bliss, love. I’m amazing at seeing true colours, exquisite creation, rapid soul fuelled growth, owning my flavour, living my truth {and I am cosmically passionate about showing the way!}

“Nikki is the absolute rock star of designers. Rock star! We have been working together for over a year now, and she completely gets me, my brand, my message and how I want to show up in the world through my business. The new site we have worked together on, which is the cornerstone of my new branding, is nothing short of exceptional. All of my branding elements come together in a way that just feels like me, which is incredibly hard to do and takes real talent and intuition. I am almost hesitant to rave as much as I want to about Nikki and Bliss Inventive for fear that she will get even busier and won’t have time for me anymore! But she deserves the highest praise in the land. I would not want to run my business without her.”
Megan Dalla-Camina

“Working with Nikki has been a dream come true. She is a master at bringing my vision to life visually in a way that captures the essence of my business. She’s reliable, affordable and always delivers far beyond my expectations. I can’t recommend her highly enough to any business that needs an inspiring designer to put you on the map.”
Michelle McQuaid

“Nikki created the most beautiful online space for me. I gave her a brief indication of what I was after and she absolutely nailed it! I’m so grateful. The colours, the layout, the navigation – it’s all amazing. She also made this web design process enjoyable and completely stress-free. I highly recommend her for her branding and her web design/creation!”
Dr. Ashlee Good

“One of the best things I have ever done is inspirational coaching with Nikki. Straight away, we were on the same level and she ‘got’ me and what I wanted to achieve. Gently peeling layer by layer until we reached the true ‘heart’ of what I needed to be coached on, Nikki intuitively found my key pain points and unlocked barriers that had been holding me back in my life and my career. I walked away from my session feeling calm, grounded and empowered to go out there and kick butt. Coaching with Nikki wasn’t just about business coaching or even life coaching – it was a really soulful combination of intuitive guidance that allowed me to step into a more authentic, confident me.”
Cassandra Lane

“I was fortunate to have found Nikki! Nikki has designed all my website, newsletter and business card graphics, and I keep going back to her ~ because she simply gets me and what I’m after. So there’s hardly any time wasted in to-ing and fro-ing to get the design right. Besides delivering awesome design for amazing value, Nikki is such a pleasure to work with. She focuses on her job with such professionalism {always getting back to me as needed}, and delivers with such efficiency and great customer service {which is bound to happen with Nikki’s beautiful, bubbly and friendly persona}. Given my experience, Nikki comes with my highest recommendation.”
Lesh Karan

“I always find our phone calls positive and uplifting. What I appreciate most, particularly from a business perspective, is Nikki’s focus on solutions that work and feel right. I know Nikki believes that there is always a different/better/simpler alternative and I can always rely on her to think of it. I think what stood out for me from the very first phone call I had with Nikki, is her genuine passion and excitement about helping people communicate who they are through their branding. Nikki’s creativity is so obviously heart-centred and that comes through in her constant desire to produce designs that dazzle and delight. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned from Nikki is the ability to think beyond “immediate” or short-term needs. She gets me thinking about how my current projects might evolve in the future and how they form part of a bigger picture – and this in turn helps me create really well thought through communication strategies (for example not just creating a lovely cheatsheet and a nice little Facebook app to download it, but more importantly, what I want my customers to do with the information I make for them, where I want them to go to find it, what I want them to do next). Nikki has taught me how important it is to create branding that is flexible enough to bend with the breeze but still fits beautifully into the rest of my brand and business model – and she’s shown me that it’s possible to have it both ways; flexible but long-lasting. Nikki helps world-changers bring their big ideas and businesses to life with branding, design and websites that look as beautiful as the dreams that sit behind them. She is a branding powerhouse with a highly developed sense of intuition and a savvy understanding of what it takes to make your message sing online and in print. Nikki’s creations come from a place of pure joy and skill, unmatched by any other designer I have met. Nikki approaches every job, big or small, with the same level of excitement, dedication and attention to detail. She takes the time to understand your brand and your mission and won’t be happy unless you are. Her designs are clever, effective and beautiful. If you want to feel ecstatic every time you look at your website, logo or products, this bliss bombinatrix has you covered.”
Kacey Crawford

“I have been a client of Nikki’s since 2008, when I approached her to design a chocolate wrapper for my brand, Rawganic. I gave Nikki details of what I was looking for, and she came back very quickly with a variety of designs to choose from. Once I had chosen the one I liked, Nikki worked diligently to produce the finished product, and was very happy to trial various fonts, colours, logos etc. Since her first design, I have engaged Nikki to create the branding for my ice cream range, CocoLuscious, as well as the logos for my company, Veganica, and my certification business, Vegan Certified. Additionally, Nikki has created the artwork for several different flyers, banners, business cards, magazine advertisements, A-frame boards, as well as my websites. I have found Nikki an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is focused, driven, and most importantly, passionate, and this shines through in all her work. She works efficiently, listens to ideas, makes quality suggestions, and has a great eye for colour, detail and design. I continue to use Nikki for my ongoing graphic art needs, and recommend her with full confidence.”
Swami Hennessy-Mitchell

“Spending time with Nikki feels like days of picnics in the sunshine, old-fashioned boogie nights and deep soul-searching conversations over a delicious bowl of healthy goodness. She radiates happiness and joy and you can’t help but feel serene in her presence. Nikki has taught me confidence, to dream big and to just go and do it! She allows people to let go of things they should not be holding on to and encourages you to bring new, more positive, things into your life. I would love to see Nikki spreading her joy and enthusiasm to people everywhere; on a GIANT scale.”
Chelsea Wiley

“Nikki is a breath of fresh air to work with. She really listened to my needs and was able to ‘feel’ into my abstract collection of ideas to bring me a gorgeous logo and ideas for branding. She is extremely professional, so lovely to work with, and provides an exquisitely professional end product. I am so pleased I found you Nikki.”
Maria Golding

“I absolutely loved working with Nikki on developing my logo. She created a gorgeous logo for me based off what I told her that I was looking for. Nikki worked closely with me to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted. She sent me some beautiful initial proofs and then we collaborated together to create the final version of my logo and I’m thrilled with it! She really captured what me and my business are all about. Since I enjoyed working with her so much, I asked her to create an email signature for me that I love too! I’ll definitely work with Nikki in the future if I require any further work for my business!”
Jennifer O’Neill

“Nikki has been such a pleasure to work with! A radiant sunbeam! I have gone into business blindly taking each step as it comes, Nikki has been such a massive support and totally cheering me on, every step along the way. Not knowing anything about advertising and files etc, Nikki has educated me and built up my confidence to be now creating my own images! Having met Nikki personally, there is no one else I would have gone to for my designs. Not only is she a world of talent, her work being bright & uplifting; her intention and her beautiful energy is what drew me to her. Starting a yoga business that is exactly what I want my logo to convey – loving energy and a passion to help others. If you ever hold motivational workshops and seminars in the future Nikki, please keep me posted! I can not thank you enough Nikki! You are an angel!”
Madelene Moore

“I absolutely loved working with Nikki! She created the website and branding of my dreams! She is amazing and so creative. I have had so many compliments since launching my new site and I would recommend her to anyone. This woman rocks and will rock your business too!”
Dani Pepper

“Nikki is a wonderfully creative and exceptionally talented professional who is more than simply a graphic designer, she is, in a word, an artist. In bringing a range of artistic design skills in tandem with extensive knowledge and a keen interest of marketing platforms in the web commerce and social media management space, Nikki is able to intuitively craft the right colour palette, design content and message to reach your target audience and make your business ‘pop’. Nikki is a real joy and works collaboratively on projects to ensure the outcome is not only visually-appealing but commercially-successful.”
Robert Beno

“Nikki wholeheartedly delivered exactly what I had envisaged for my website and more. Nikki was an absolute pleasure to work with in so many ways. From the very first contact, Nikki’s passion, enthusiasm and professionalism were striking! Nikki was prompt, encouraging and passionate about achieving my goals and set about working her magic on my website. Nikki’s eye for detail and her passion for design is so evident in the finished product of my gorgeous website. Nikki was able to take my vision and transform it into a beautiful visual feast! Nikki was patient, flexible, encouraging and supportive throughout the design process. I am in awe of her technical skill and ability to simplify the complex details for me and really appreciated her reassurance. I sincerely look forward to working on future projects together. Thanks Nikki – you honestly rock and really make bliss happen. I highly recommend others to experience the bliss with you!”
Melissa Rowe

“What can I say about Bliss Inventive? Nikki is an absolutely beautiful soul who embraces her work with a wide open heart. She has this intuitive knack for “getting it” and has created new branding and a website for me that encapsulates the perfect balance of my business, my clients and me. Working with Nikki was effortless. She is professional, knowledgeable and super supportive. I am one big Bliss fan and will (and have) happily recommend Bliss Inventive to anyone.”
Rebecca Stehn

“I was recommended Nikki by chance, by a friend and boy am I glad I chose Bliss Inventive over the other suggestions given to me. There was never any denying I had made the right choice! From the first moment of contact Nikki was thorough, detailed, understanding and not to mention highly professional whilst always cheerful and positive. Nikki really was invested in doing the best possible for our business, every time. It began with a logo design and has since snowballed to everything graphic design imaginable: business cards, flyers, discount cards, promotional packs, newspaper and magazine advertisements, expo banners, shop signs, lightboxes – Nikki has done it all!! So when we recently needed our website redesigned, who better to do it, none other than the most amazing and creative Nikki! Nikki truly understands our business and our image and manages to exceed our expectations on all projects! She is always professional and doesn’t miss a beat. She completes everything in a timely manner – even when we have urgent impossible deadlines! She makes the impossible possible and turns our simple ideas into grand masterpieces! Nikki truly is a creative genius and we are so thankful for her incredible skills at helping make our business better! We highly recommend her to anyone!”
Morenna Burn

“Nikki has been AMAZING! I had a very vague idea of what I was after in relation to my website. Nikki guided me though the whole process and created a beautiful website that I adore. She was incredibly efficient and listened to what I had to say. Nikki’s wonderful work has made me even more excited about my business. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Jessica Humphreys

“I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, creative genius, professionalism and inspiration! I love what you’ve created for my brand! You are so skilled and a true gem to work with! “
Madonna Williams

“Thank you for such an awesome job on the brand elements in web, social media and email marketing. I am so excited about the launch. Congratulations on a job well done! I can’t say enough about how I pleased I am with everything. I am so excited to get the brand launched officially.”
Dr. Kim Clay

“I am absolutely thrilled beyond measure with the design work Nikki has done for me for my 21-Day Wholefood Cleanse program. She was so helpful and I felt she really ‘got’ me, and the look I was after. She nailed it! She was really quick and was always there to answer questions when I needed. I would highly recommend Nikki & the team at Bliss Inventive if you are after superb design work.”
Ngaire Stephenson

FREE Dream Creator starter pack including printable daily planner, interactive journal + gorgeous wallpapers

Ready to create your wildest dreams?

Receive exclusive news & offers plus your own FREE Dream Creator starter pack including printable daily planner, interactive journal + gorgeous wallpapers to inspire you NOW!

FREE Dream Creator starter pack including printable daily planner, interactive journal + gorgeous wallpapers

Ready to create your wildest dreams?

Receive exclusive news & offers plus your own FREE Dream Creator starter pack including printable daily planner, interactive journal + gorgeous wallpapers to inspire you NOW!

FREE Dream Creator starter pack including printable daily planner, interactive journal + gorgeous wallpapers

Ready to create your wildest dreams?

Receive exclusive news & offers plus your own FREE Dream Creator starter pack including printable daily planner, interactive journal + gorgeous wallpapers to inspire you NOW!