Welcome to Bliss Inventive!

We are here to inspire & to style the life and business of YOUR dreams!

We help people illuminate the path for their true selves to shine.

Imagine us as the collective Cyndi Lauper of the ideal-life-styling realm. We see your true colours {& yes, that’s why we love you!} We turn ideas into reality via coaching & design to invoke your inner radiance & confidence. So you’re never afraid to let yourself shine.

Meet the Bliss Inventive team!

Regarding our gorgeous name “bliss inventive” is the perfect description for this on-going creative odyssey we’re undertaking, together. No boxes, no limitations ~ just onwards & upwards via joyful creative expression.


Let’s design some stunning visuals for you.

Let’s connect via coaching to turn your dreams into reality.

Are you in the making-positive-changes-in-the-world biz? We LOVE working with coaches, helpers, healers, illuminators, magic makers & shiny happy people.

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Shoot us a love-note, let’s revolutionise your life and business. Let’s illuminate your daydreams & carve them into reality. Let’s make your bliss happen.

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