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Bliss Inventive offer inspirational design, products, programs & coaching for rebels with a cause: creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators, spirit junkies, healers, wellness devotees, lovers, leaders and seekers who want to leave the world a bit better.

Founder, Nikki Fern – with 14 years mastery as an elite brand designer – works 1:1 with industry leaders on creating stunning branding identities where they own their magic and stand out from the crowd. Nikki has 7 years experience in human behaviour as a Transformational Life & Business Coach and has coached likeminded entrepreneurs both 1:1 & in deluxe group programs, delivered inspiring talks at various events and been interviewed from print to podcast. With a deep passion for soul-fuelled living, she continually creates unique, inspiring, beautiful & useful products such as the inspirational coffee table book ‘Make Bliss Happen’ & the annual ‘Let Bliss Happen’ daily planner.

Bliss Inventive was formed in 2014 in beautiful tropical North Queensland, merging Nikki’s various business pursuits into a singular business. The vision was to have a ‘home’ that felt amazing, had the right vibe and was ‘open’ enough to house all of Nikki’s range of talents, passions & offerings to the world, with room to grow sustainably and organically in the future.

Our gorgeous name “bliss inventive” is the perfect description for this on-going creative odyssey we’re undertaking, together. No boxes, no limitations ~ just onwards & upwards via joyful creative expression.


  1. perfect happiness; great joy.
  2. something providing such happiness.

synonyms: joy, pleasure, delight, happiness, paradise.



  1. having the ability to create or design new things or to think originally.
  2. showing creativity or original thought.

synonyms: creative, original, innovative, imaginative, ingenious, resourceful.


Since she was 19, Nikki has run many businesses from fashion design, jewellery creation, health & wellness offerings, style blogging & graphic design ~ all with an underlying message of owning your unique flavour & being the most radiant version of yourself. Whilst running her own business, Nikki funded full-time study with Queensland Institute of Graphic Arts & Design in 2006. Nikki enrolled to The Coaching Institute to become a Transformational Life & Business Coach in 2013.

The Bliss Inventive mission: beautifully elevating you to the next level. Nikki has a knack of reading between the lines, getting into the essence of YOU and expressing that artistically. Every branding creation is unique for each clients style/personality/message and developed with love and Nikki’s original design flair. Due to this we only collaborate with legends who are aligned with what we’re about + who we are as THIS is where the magic really happens. We are fortunately very sought after and with Nikki as the sole designer/coach it’s physically not possible to work with everyone. For those aligned souls we do co-create with, the bliss is well & truly felt!

Don’t die with your music still inside you: embrace & express your inner magic. Because your soul-fuelled expression is your legacy.

Are you feeling the call? Let’s make YOUR bliss happen.


It’s time to launch, boost, champion, upscale & empower you!

Aloha I’m Nikki!

I’m a soul fuelled creator, transformational coach, inspirational speaker, creative director of Bliss Inventive, founder of Bliss Is Our Birthright and author of Make Bliss Happen.

Along with a truckload of soul-fire for living this one wild life, I am passionate about lifetime learning with 14 years mastery as an elite brand designer, 7 years expertise in human behaviour, Meta Dynamics I, II & III, group facilitation, speaking and am a Master Practitioner in Transformational Life & Business Coaching. I am honoured to have been widely featured over the years amongst the likes Cosmopolitan, Inspired Coach, The Gold Coast Bulletin, Chictopia, Chik, Wild Sister, Dolly & The Daily Mercury.

I’ve always been a creative spirit, passionate about leading by example, being as true to my heart as possible and leaving a legacy during my time earth-side. I have two beautiful sons, Leo: 9 & Reef: 4. I know an important part of my life’s journey is to be the best mama possible to these legends & help raise them to be gentlemen. I love Bliss Inventive and being able to be creative & make a difference daily with like-minded souls. It feels like an absolute privilege to be able to live this life and I will always be grateful for the gifts I’ve been given and the amazing people I get to collaborate with.

I write, create art & products to help us SEE. I speak to help us HEAR. My intention is to motivate and inspire to help us FEEL. All to constantly reignite that inner spark where we KNOW we are naturally joy, peace, bliss, love. I’m amazing at seeing true colours, exquisite creation, rapid soul fuelled growth, owning my flavour, living my truth {and I am cosmically passionate about showing the way!}

"I've been working with Nikki for 3-4 years now, for all my creative branding needs. Nikki has an intuitive flair for colour and design that is incredible. She always seems to know exactly what I need, and her vision and concepts continue to blow me away! She has been able to take my brand deeper and extend the initial concepts as my business has expanded, and has created a range of visually stunning products as well as building my website and sales pages. She has helped me with logos, eBooks, course resources, social media tiles, Facebook cover, and Youtube banners. I love working with Nikki, and am very grateful for the incredibly beautiful artwork she has created for me!"

Shunanda Scott

Angel Medium

"Working with Nikki over the past 10 years has always been a pleasure. The artwork she produces is phenomenal and brings our brand to life. She was there from the inception designing our logo and has continued providing us with exceptional artwork for all of our business needs. If we provide her with a rough concept her enthusiastic creativeness gets us a result better than we ever imagined. When we have a clear idea of what we need she always delivers high level artwork as per the spec. She is genuine and trustworthy with a bright spark that ignites your fire inside. I wholeheartedly recommend Nikki!"

Emma Peart

Owner / Manager, ZEP Finance

"I’ve been using Nikki’s services for over 6 years now because I love her creativity, aesthetic and ability to understand my briefs. Her designs always blow me away and make me feel so proud to use across my platforms. I absolutely love Bliss Inventive and highly recommend Nikki to anyone who needs her incredible graphic design skills. She definitely has something special and breathes passion into each project she undertakes."

Roxanne Ford

Founder, Every Young Mama

"I thank my lucky stars every day that I have Nikki in my life - she honestly makes me a better version of ME, just by being her! I've collaborated with Nikki and Bliss Inventive since 2014, throughout three main evolutions of my business. Nikki is so incredible and always sees me and my vision so clearly! I'm always blown away and feel like my soul is dancing when collaborating with her! Nikki feels like my guardian angel and I'm grateful AF for her support, encouragement, wisdom and skills in business strategy, artwork creation PLUS coding and development!" Did I mention Nikki is the best? Because she absolutely is!"

Simone Butchard

Creator, Soul Shine Simo

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