Design Boutique

Are you ready to collaborate on inspirational & soul fuelled design for YOUR business?

If you’ve been wanting to take your business to the next level with professionalism AND soul, I’m the designer for you! I am all about collaborating with rebels with a cause: creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators, spirit junkies, healers, wellness devotees, lovers, leaders and seekers who want to leave the world a bit better. We can collaborate on anything you can imagine – logo & branding creation, book cover & eBook design, stationery & social media design, website design/development, membership hub creation and more!

Feel free to peruse a glimpse of some client collaborations in my portfolio below, it may help ignite that inspiration for your future projects!

If you have any specific queries, feel free to get in contact and we can discuss your needs via email or organise time for a call. I work with clients all over the world (thanks to the beauty of this ol’ internet) so I’m used to lining up calls in an array of timezones!

If you are ready to collaborate, click here for your collaboration application which will be sent directly to me & I’ll review and get in touch with you directly!