Stoked you’re here for my 3 day video training, I’m so excited!

I created Design With Soul to demystify design, branding & literal creation so you can empower yourself & your tribe!

Your exclusive 3 part video training will be delivered daily direct to your email address with the first video coming today!

Feel free to join the Facebook Group I’ve created as I’ll be answering any questions direct in there!

PS: my emails come from [email protected] so make sure you save me as a contact or your training may not go to your main inbox!

Day 1: Design 101

In this video, which you’ll receive upon registration, I’ll run you through the basics of design so you no longer feel like you’re stumbling in the dark. I’ll be your candle & you can revel what you can now clearly see!

Day 2: Branding 101

I know, clarity around this can be damn confusing as ‘branding’ covers a multitude of areas! In this video I help you understand branding a bit better, so you’ll be able to apply the learning to your business, life, home & more!

Day 3: Creation 101

This ain’t no joke, in this video you’ll be creating with me! I’m whisking back the curtain to guide you. I’ll walk you through the designing process with an exclusive template you can use & keep! Let’s make some ART!

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