I’ve ordered from your shop, what happens now?

Firstly – thank you for your support you legendary human ~ we put so much love into our creations & can’t wait for them to be with you in real life!

PLEASE NOTE: all shop orders will be fulfilled from 8 January after our annual Bliss Inventive holiday rejuvenation!

All shop items are usually picked up by our courier within 1-2 business days from when orders are made. You’ll receive a ‘Completed Order’ email from us once your order has been shipped & perhaps even some tracking details sent from our courier direct to your inbox! {Please remember to use your best email address & also save aloha@blissinventive.com as a contact so you’ll receive our emails into your normal inbox!}

We are based in North QLD Australia. It depends on where you are based as to how long your order will take to arrive – usually our courier’s turnaround time is 2-7 days {with QLD/NSW being closer to 2 day mark & WA being closer to the 7 day mark.}

Enjoy to the max when it’s with your gorgeous self! You’ve got this!


Why aren’t you posting internationally?

For our 2016/2017 collection we sent numerous orders to all areas of the globe! Thank you SO much for the support. However we unfortunately had a few mishaps & damages with USA & Canada. All our other countries were amazing! We’ve been posting with Australia Post since 2013 with only an isolated incident or two in all that time. We cannot work out what the issue has been with the standard of international delivery to USA/Canada specifically so we have decided to put a hiatus on international shipping until we can collaborate with a different shipping company. We are so sorry if you are disappointed by this – so are we! We’re putting it out there to the Universe to find a new solution for our international friends!


Something has happened to my product, what should I do?

Please email us at aloha@blissinventive.com with your notes & photographs if relevant. If there is a posting issue we can then investigate further accordingly.  If there is a printing issue we can then send on the notes/images and get a replacement out to you ASAP. We pride ourselves on attention to detail in all things we do, however human errors can occur which we totally understand & aim to prepare for! We’ve got you.


My Soul Fuelled Inspirational Card deck has some bonus white paper?

Some of our decks have come through with some bonus white paper. Do not fear! These were added to every single 62 printed card in each box, on both sides, to protect them whilst they received their gorgeous gold foil edging. As we {& our awesome printers} aren’t robots – some decks have a paper or two left in there. Do not fear! Simply peel off & then use up your gold edged bonus paper for some old fashioned love letter writing! There’s always a silver {or gold} lining, right?!


I’m wanting to create/rebrand my logo but I’m not sure where to start?

We would love you to take a look around some of the logos we’ve designed HERE & see if our style will fit what you’re after. Usually our clients want a bit of flair to their designs, so we want you to be sure our style is in sync with what you’re imagining for yours.

If you like what you see, feel free to check out the logo & branding packages we have available on the current Collaboration Menu.

You will see the list of everything included within the logo packages that we provide {we know how much our clients adore their final logo packages, as it’s not a usual inclusion for branding work these days, unfortunately!}

If you’d like to move forward with a particular package please fill out your Collaboration Application. If we vibe well for the collaboration, you can then choose your booking style {pay in full or instalment plan} & your preferred method of payment {PayPal or bank deposit} and an invoice will be organised for you. Once you’re booked in, you will be provided with a questionnaire to help you put your brief together for us. Upon returning your complete clear brief {including some inspiration so we can get into the wavelength of what you love}, your project will then be scheduled in to begin initial concepts!


I am after a website, can you tell me a little bit about your process?

Sure can! See the current Collaboration Menu or the range of website packages available to you. We don’t create websites unless you already have your logo & branding done. This can be done through us through one of our logo & branding packages or the files can be supplied to us with your brief if you’ve already done them. We are all about brand congruency & this is something we are passionate about. We’ve noticed websites don’t become as amazing as they can be without the beautiful foundation of the logo/branding style guide to begin with. Once you book in, the only other thing you’ll need to purchase will be your domain name {ie: www.YourBusinessName.com} & your hosting for that domain name. Hosting is like the ‘real estate rental’ for the domain, if we look at the domain as your ‘address.’ This is so we can host your website on your own domain and use wordpress.org as the content management system.

We use WordPress as our clients love it, it allows you to easily update you page content at any time, and write blog posts to publish to your website to keep your tribe enthralled with you and your offerings.

We work with Headway Themes so we can design and develop our websites from scratch to suit the inspiration provided from each client in their briefs. This allows us complete creative control of the look & feel and also allows you to own everything within the backend of your website.

We use a range of handy and premium plugins to create the most optimised, efficient and gorgeous website possible for you, within the package you book in for.?If you have further queries that aren’t covered within our FAQs, please contact Libby, the Bliss Inventive Coordinator of Magic, at aloha@blissinventive.com.


I already have a website but am wanting a simple redesign, are you able to do this?

We no longer work on established websites, as technical issues often arise and make your costs increase as we work to sort them out. Every designer/developer has their own preferences and way of working and this becomes most apparent in website designs. We work with Headway Themes & create our sites from scratch to perfectly suit our clients briefs, inspiration & goals for the use of their websites. Using this process we honestly have so much better results than trying the ‘bandaid’ solution by doing small updates to an existing site/framework that a client has grown out of. We have a very affordable Bloggers Website Design & Development Package {see our current Collaboration Menu} and we can create a site for you that you’re in love with and super proud of.


I’m interested in your _________ package from your Collaboration Menu. What other information do you need from me?

You’ll need to fill out the Collaboration Application form to get the party started. Libby, the Bliss Inventive Coordinator of Magic, will then get in contact with you. If we can think your project fits our style and that we can rock it out for you as well as fit you in and the timeframe available suits your needs, you can then choose your booking style {pay in full or instalment plan} & your preferred method of payment {PayPal or bank deposit} and an invoice will be organised for you. Once you’re booked in, you will be provided with a relevant questionnaire to help you put your brief together for us. Upon returning your complete clear brief, your project will then be scheduled in to begin initial concepts! Below is an idea of our FLOW process!

Collaboration Menu 2016 {Bliss Inventive} 4


What are the start to finish times for your design packages?

Start to finish timings depend on when clients book in, get their full briefs back to us, time taken for feedback/getting back to us etc. However some approximate timeframes from brief to completed project include:

• Logos & Branding – 3-6 weeks
• Websites – 10-16 weeks

In the past these have taken both shorter & longer as there are many factors involved, least of all our clients all running beautiful businesses at the same time!


How does the Bliss Inventive team work?

Nikki, Carla & Libby are Bliss Inventive ~ we’re about making your dreams a reality. If you haven’t already, meet the team HERE. We’re all about focusing on our strengths & passions so we’re constantly evolving organically to use what we’re most amazing at within Bliss Inventive.

Team Bliss = Nikki {Dream Creator + Art Director} Carla {Art Guru} & Libby {Coordinator of Magic}. We’re all sisters – literally. Sisters + sister-in-laws to be exact. So sisterhood + soul fuelled expression is at maximum levels in Team Bliss! And that’s what it all comes down to, baby!

Libby will be you main point of contact so we know we’re on the same wavelength & keep projects flowing beautifully. Nikki & Carla are our Design-Dream-Team. We chat, email and bounce ideas off each other so we’re always in collaboration & having the best experience possible as we create!


Are you able to create custom artwork?

For custom artwork not covered by our Collaboration Menu, the rate is $11o AUD per hour & go with the flow for whatever works for each client. Some allocate a time amount for each piece so we work within that timeframe. Some just like to keep updated with how many hours we are at during different stages through the process so they can keep up. Other times we just go for it. Whatever works for you!

As a starting point, please start gathering some images together of websites/logos/colours that inspire you so we can get an idea of your style. An idea of what you love, along with ideas you have will help the design process immensely. Once you have your project outline ready, please fill out the  Collaboration Application form to get the party started. Libby, the Bliss Inventive Coordinator of Magic at aloha@blissinventive.com will then get in contact with you to discuss further.

I’m interested in 1:1 mentoring with Nikki. How can we make that happen?

Nikki is currently completely booked out. Please sign up to our VIP list by entering your name & email in an opt-in area on this website to be the first to find out when spots become available.


I’d like to book Nikki as an inspirational speaker for my event, how can I do this?

Please contact Libby, the Bliss Inventive Coordinator of Magic, at aloha@blissinventive.com to find out current availability. Please also let her know your event, where you are based and you’d like Nikki to do her thang for you & your tribe. Also please supply details including transport, length of talk and any further requirements or specifications necessary.


When are you running The Visionary Design Academy ‘Become Your Own Designer’ program again?

This is now offered ONLY as a complimentary part of our Soul Fuelled & Self Made program + community! Please make sure you’re signed up to our VIP list by entering your name & email in an opt-in area on this website to find out when doors open again!