We all dreamed big in January for an incredible year ahead. What’s often noticeable, in gyms for example, is how much different February is compared to January’s rush. Momentum and motivation wane as time passes. Life gets in the way, sometimes big life-changing events occur such as my partner’s horrific motorcycle crash in January that left him hospitalised for months & still wheelchair bound. I get it babe, things happen and priorities change and it’s easy for your big dreams to get pushed to the wayside. But it’s NOT the ideal way to be living this one wild life we’ve got the GIFT to be living!! Your bliss is your birthright. Your dreams matter. And so, I bring you ~ the Make Bliss Happen Society 2021!

Just because it’s now the 6th month of the year doesn’t mean that you can’t make a hell tonne of magic happen in your life in 2021! See the counter above for the exact number of days we have left in the year – imagine what you could accomplish if you made a step forward on EACH of those days?! There is a SOLID amount of time to make a major positive difference in the creation of your wildest ambitions!

It’s time to dust off your dreams, get serious about making your creative, career, health, wellness, family, relationship, adventure dreams HAPPEN!

What’s missing, oftentimes, is accountability. And that’s what I want to give you in terms of our Make Bliss Happen Society – a community, a tribe, a container of action-steps, cheerleaders and accountability to help you succeed.

Because I know you’re worth it. I know your dreams matter to you, will make a difference to your family and will elevate your community. I know you shining your light bright makes a difference to this world. And we need more of that!

What’s included in Make Bliss Happen Society 2021:

Make Bliss Happen Society 2021 Weekly Plan

sent directly to your email each Monday morning for the remainder of 2021 including weekly video from yours truly, action-steps for the week ahead, inspiration to ignite your inner fire, playsheets & more

Make Bliss Happen Society 2021 Facebook Group

for community, accountability and networking with a a squad of like-minded legends who are also taking their daily and weekly steps to making their bliss happen in 2021!

Make Bliss Happen Society 2021 Month Overview

sent on the last day of each month of 2021 directly to your email to recap what we covered in the month, the wins achieved, an inspirational interview with a new legend each month & more!

Make Bliss Happen Society 2021 Virtual Party

in late December 2021 via Zoom and Facebook where we can celebrate the heck out of our wins of the year, share what we learnt, what we’d do differently, what we achieved, what we’re proud of ~ all to set us up for an incredible 2022!

I’m Nikki Fern, ‘Creator Of Magic’ and founder of Bliss Inventive.

I’ve got 15 years mastery as an elite brand designer, 8 years expertise in human behaviour, Meta Dynamics I, II & III, group facilitation, speaking and am a Master Practitioner in Transformational Life & Business Coaching. Basically, I am passionate about helping others create their most beautiful life, business and career. In 2013, I wrote my first book ‘Make Bliss Happen’ and ticked off a huge life goal of officially being published! I’ve created many products and creations since then and I love helping my amazing clients with soul-fuelled branding, artwork, websites & more. This year I’m aiming to launch the latest ‘Make Bliss Happen’ collection – including a new inspirational card deck!

There’s a lot I want to accomplish in 2021 and I bet you have a lot on your list too, especially when you stop for a moment, let yourself dream and really delve deep into what truly lights you up! I want to help you make your year amazing – in all aspects: mind, heart, health & soul! I’d love to be the angel on your shoulder, cheering you on to put on foot in front of the other each day, towards the dreams that light you up.

This is your invitation to join me to make YOUR bliss happen in 2021!

Your investment:

An incredibly affordable single payment of $88 AUD for 2021 access to Make Bliss Happen Society.

AfterPay, PayPal & credit card payments available.

Any questions, simply email me at [email protected]

"I thank my lucky stars every day that I have Nikki in my life - she honestly makes me a better version of ME, just by being her! I've collaborated with Nikki and Bliss Inventive since 2014, throughout three main evolutions of my business. Nikki is so incredible and always sees me and my vision so clearly! I'm always blown away and feel like my soul is dancing when collaborating with her! Nikki feels like my guardian angel and I'm grateful AF for her support, encouragement, wisdom and skills in business strategy, artwork creation PLUS coding and development!" Did I mention Nikki is the best? Because she absolutely is!"

Simone Butchard

Creator, Soul Shine Simo

"Spending time with Nikki feels like days of picnics in the sunshine, old-fashioned boogie nights and deep soul-searching conversations over a delicious bowl of healthy goodness. She radiates happiness and joy and you can’t help but feel serene in her presence. Nikki has taught me confidence, to dream big and to just go and do it! She allows people to let go of things they should not be holding on to and encourages you to bring new, more positive, things into your life. I would love to see Nikki spreading her joy and enthusiasm to people everywhere; on a GIANT scale."

Chelsea Wiley

"One of the best things I have ever done is inspirational coaching with Nikki. Straight away, we were on the same level and she 'got' me and what I wanted to achieve. Gently peeling layer by layer until we reached the true 'heart' of what I needed to be coached on, Nikki intuitively found my key pain points and unlocked barriers that had been holding me back in my life and my career. I walked away from my session feeling calm, grounded and empowered to go out there and kick butt. Coaching with Nikki wasn't just about business coaching or even life coaching - it was a really soulful combination of intuitive guidance that allowed me to step into a more authentic, confident me."

Cassandra Lane

"Nikki has been such a pleasure to work with! A radiant sunbeam! I have gone into business blindly taking each step as it comes, Nikki has been such a massive support and totally cheering me on, every step along the way. Not knowing anything about advertising and files etc, Nikki has educated me and built up my confidence to be now creating my own images! Having met Nikki personally, there is no one else I would have gone to for my designs. Not only is she a world of talent, her work being bright & uplifting; her intention and her beautiful energy is what drew me to her. Starting a yoga business that is exactly what I want my logo to convey – loving energy and a passion to help others. If you ever hold motivational workshops and seminars in the future Nikki, please keep me posted! I can not thank you enough Nikki! You are an angel!"

Madelene Moore

Your investment:

An incredibly affordable single payment of $88 AUD for 2021 access to Make Bliss Happen Society.

AfterPay, PayPal & credit card payments available.

Any questions, simply email me at [email protected]

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