Make Bliss Happen Society 2021

AUD $88.00

We all dreamed big in January for an incredible year ahead. What’s often noticeable, in gyms for example, is how much different February is compared to January’s rush. Momentum and motivation wane as time passes. Life gets in the way, sometimes big life-changing events such as my partner’s horrific motorcycle crash in January that left him hospitalised for months & still wheelchair bound. I get it babe, things happen and priorities change and it’s easy for your big dreams to get pushed to the wayside. But it’s NOT the ideal way to be living this one wild life we’ve got the GIFT to be living!! Your bliss is your birthright. Your dreams matter. And so, today, on the 1st June 2021, with 7 months left, I’m launching the Make Bliss Happen Society 2021!

Just because it’s now the 6th month of the year doesn’t mean that you can’t make a hell tonne of magic happen in your life in 2021! We have 214 days as of today – imagine what you could accomplish if you made a step forward on each of those days?! We have 30 weeks left – that’s a solid amount of time to make a major positive difference in the creation of your wildest ambitions!

It’s time to dust off your dreams, get serious about making your creative, career, health, wellness, family, relationship, adventure dreams HAPPEN!

What’s missing, oftentimes, is accountability. And that’s what I want to give you in terms of our Make Bliss Happen Society – a community, a tribe, a container of action-steps, cheerleaders and accountability to help you succeed.

Because I know you’re worth it. I know your dreams matter to you, will make a difference to your family and will elevate your community. I know you shining your light bright makes a difference to this world. And we need more of that!

Come & join the society!!

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