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++ Stunning planner system for use in an A5 binder

++ 248 planner pages

++ 24 full-colour inspiration pages & space for vision board creation

++ 2018, 2019, 2020 calendars at a glance

++ Diary pages for dreaming, journalling x21

++ Monthly calendars spreads x6

++ Weekly spreads x26

++ Daily pages for scheduling + taking action on your dreams x156

& so much more!

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I created the Soul Fuelled Planner as an amazing resource on multiple levels. On one, from a strategic standpoint for increasing productivity in our days. Another, from an inspiration standpoint for increasing the positivity, vibration and fulfilment in all areas of our lives. A melding of our spiritual and physical selves for truly energised, enriched living!

What’s the main intention behind our planning system?


And what else?


We have changed our planner design from the original Daily Dream Creator our our new Soul Fuelled Planner.

We wanted to create something UNDATED to allow you to fill in as YOU need.

We wanted to give you monthly layouts, weekly layouts AND daily layouts!

Along with that, we wanted a binder system to further allow more flexibility, freedom and flow, where you can add to YOUR Soul Fuelled binder whenever you desire!

We want to support you to continue to blaze your own trail!

The only way anything ever gets accomplished is small steps, consistently. We want you to live YOUR dreams and we want you to FEEL GOOD focusing on what matters to your lifestyle design NOW whilst you continue to pursue all that you want.

Show up. Make a difference, Live with intention. Live on purpose.

Watch this Facebook Live video by creator Nikki Fern on the initial reveal of the NEW Soul Fuelled Planner!

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at what you receive!


248 x black & white, 120gsm beautiful quality laserbond uncoated pages, using environmentally friendly sourced paper & soy-based ink.

These beautifully designed pages include:

  • Introduction & planner reference pages
  • Yearly calendar overviews {2018, 2019, 2020} to assist as quick guides for adding our dates in
  • 21 x diary pages – for any dreaming, goal creation, journalling, note-taking you may desire
  • 6 x undated monthly spreads – calendar format {6 months worth if used every month}
  • 26 x undated weekly spreads {6 months worth if used every week}
  • 156 x undated daily spreads.* {6 months worth if used every day}
  • All 2-hole bunched ready to insert into your favourite A5 binder/folder

* Please note: Weekends are included together on a Saturday/Sunday page with room for scheduling both days.


24 x full-colour, 128gsm beautiful quality gloss pages, using environmentally friendly sourced paper & soy-based inks.

These stunning pages include:

  • 4 x pages for displaying your favourite 4×6” photos that light you up
  • 4 x pages for vision boarding
  • 2 x pages for adventure/travel vision boarding
  • 2 x pages for declaring YOUR soul-fuelled words and focus
  • 12 x pages of gorgeous inspiration with beautiful custom typography
  • All 2-hole bunched ready to insert into your favourite A5 binder/folder


You will receive ALL FOUR of these cover designs via email once your order has been processed. You can then take the PDF we supply to your favourite copy shop and print off the A3 artwork {as it has the back cover, spine & front cover on the one page} to your favourite cover {or all 4 of them} to use in conjunction with your A5 insert binder/finder. Here is the exact insert binder we have used for our samples shown in our photos.

Soul Fuelled Planner


The Soul Fuelled Planner is A5 sizing for portability plus plenty of space for ease of filling out, writing & planning! Also, smaller than A4 so it can fit in most handbags for those often on the go. As we continue to develop the system we may begin to offer A4 options as well, so make sure to be an active part of the Soul Fuelled Planning Community and let us know if this is something you’d be interested in!

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With your full-colour inspiration pages ~ you can scatter throughout your binder as you desire or even cut out for your vision board, put inside a photo frame for beautifying your home or office or for gifting! So many options!

You can use your diary pages for dreaming, goal-creation, project tasks, note-taking, creating bucket lists, adventure lists, anything your heart desires! For your diary pages there is a corner block on each page so you can use to choose a focus for each page or as a space to note your main points from any free-flow journalling you may do.

You have space on your monthly spreads to add in any particular main focuses for that month that will help you to live even more aligned.

For your weekly spreads there is loads of space to divide into facets that matter to you. For example, you may want to note exercise, nutrition, finances, projects, study, books you’re reading ~ the list is endless depending on what matters to YOU, baby!

For your daily spreads, there is space to customise for what YOU most need. You’ll add your date in, then in the ‘I live like it matters’ section you’ll note your main items for the day. On the left you have a schedule from 5am-9pm. Then you have space for note-making along with a reference ‘musings’ guide for what you may like to include such as gratitude, nourishing you, reflections and more!


If you don’t already have one, you will need to purchase an A5 folder/binder to ‘house’ the inserts we will be posting you. We are exploring developing our own binders in 2018 so as soon as these are available we will let you know as they’ll be extra special! For now you can get A5 insert binders for less than $5 and we are providing you cover artwork for free so you can place the front, spine & back cover artwork into YOUR folder!

Other than that you don’t *need* anything else but you may consider whether you would like some stationery to customise your Soul Fuelled binder even more! Such as gorgeous pens for writing, highlighting, colouring-in & making each spread YOURS! You may like to consider A5 display sheets for inserting/preserving extra goodies that would be helpful to have close by; A5 loose leaf paper for extra journalling space, A5 tab sheets for dividing your planner sections or even stick-on tabs to add to the pages for quick referencing. None of these are necessary but may be a hot tip that helps you out!

Also, if you happen to have a hole punch at home you can use that to add anything additional to your own binder that may assist you to make YOUR Soul Fuelled Planner even more useful and amazing for YOU! For example, we all get A LOT of A4 handouts, mail etc ~ you could fold these in half, hole punch on one end and place directly in your binder!

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If you don’t use every single day, week or month ~ that is OK! Don’t be hard on yourself and when you feel aligned, pick your planner back up again to assist in actively creating your most soul-fuelled days!

This is the main reason we wanted to create an ‘undated’ system ~ so you can allow even more flow into your life, contribute even more to sustainability {you only use what you need} and for even more creativity based on what lights YOU up.

Your planner only ‘runs out’ when you have used it for 6 consecutive months! So that’s 6 months, 26 weeks and 156 days of living beautifully, guided by YOU, making your dreams happen and staying aligned with projects that matter to YOU! Then and only then will you need to pop back to us for your next insert pack ~ so if you start on January 1st 2018 and use religiously every single day, then you’ll need to purchase your next planner pack prior to July 1st 2018.

So, this gorgeous system is an investment of less than $5 per month for your monthly, weekly and daily planning, journalling, note-making, vision-boarding & unleashing your creativity and magic from within!

Soul Fuelled Planner


Congratulations on saying yes to YOUR soul fire and wanting to go one step further, every day, in making your true desires a reality in your life!
I can’t wait to hear all about how you’ve used this system to create your most beautiful life! Make sure you join our Soul Fuelled Planning Community for extra inspiration with like-minded legends!

You CAN create your dreams. The world is your oyster.

Make your life YOUR masterpiece.

Live like it matters.

Live soul fuelled.

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