THE online program + community for soul-fuelled leaders who are devoted to being their most radiant, inspiring selves & making a badass difference DAILY


  • We’re ALL here to LIVE our song

  • You can have YOUR version of ‘it all’ by nurturing what you want to grow

  • Our lives need to be designed holistically for TRUE happiness & fulfillment

  • We CAN live in passion & in a state of flow

  • We are ALL creative beings with unique flavour & experiences & knowledge that can NEVER be replicated

  • We CAN & MUST live our bliss

  • We CAN create abundance in all facets of our lives

  • Our dreams are ours for a reason & we CAN create our dreams in life & business

I often get asked ‘how do you do it all’ and that’s something I pondered for months. And the answer has come with this program + community that I’m beyond excited about! Basically, it’s a cultivated community for us soul-fuelled leaders to connect & grow together; explode our energy & deeply love the unique lifestyle + business we intentionally create.

This space is carved for you where it is the NORM for you to:

  • EMBRACE your gifts & inner magic

  • ILLUMINATE your true passions, purpose & desires

  • ENERGISE yourself & your body

  • LIVE your song & your dreams

  • EXPRESS your message & ‘die empty’ having shared your truth, daily

If you want accountability; real, honest & helpful training; action-steps; ideas; inspiration; motivation; resources; exclusivity; a like-minded, adventurous, high-vibe community; connection; support; even deeper alignment and to continuously cultivate a soul-driven success mindset —— then SOUL FUELLED & SELF MADE is MADE for you.


I know why you’re here.

I know you are either super clear on your passions & purpose for your life OR you are super clear that you have an inkling there should be MORE depth and badass RADIANCE to your life.

And that’s why SOUL FUELLED & SELF MADE exists.

You are:

  • A business owner/freelancer who wants the beautiful holistic life of your dreams. Yes, that’s right: happiness, bliss & abundance in ALL areas — not *just* business or *just* mindset or *just* fitness or *just* health or *just* relationships —— because you KNOW it’s all connected, baby!

  • An entrepreneur who lights up at the idea of the group community, accountability, support & connection as you’re often rocking out your awesomeness solo {or between part-time work, mama life, school runs, working out, cooking dinner & you know, finding time for connecting with YOU!}

  • Finally ready to design daily rituals covering ALL facets of importance to you, to see you feeling beautifully fulfilled when your head hits the pillow at night!

  • Keen to get deeper clarity on the message you were born to share in your lifetime & commit to showing up even more for your BEST life & business!

  • Ready to increase the difference you make AND your wealth AND your innate joy!

  • SO damn ready to get rid of ’leaks’ that don’t serve you & explode your energy & daily experiences!

  • Interested in learning a bit about design to help beautifully share your message you’re here to shake the world with!

  • Excited to have a library of beautiful art templates & resources to fast-track your gorgeous visual messaging & see you even more confidently sharing your magic with your tribe!

  • A lover & user of ‘The Daily Dream Creator’ or ‘Soul Fuelled’ or ‘Let Bliss Happen’ planner who wants to take your rockin’ progress to the next level with holistic, passionate training & a committed, vibrant group of like-minded entrepreneurs who ALSO want a life they love!

  • A ‘Make Bliss Happen’ reader & fan who is ready for the next step and passionate about creating the ideal lifestyle & business for YOU!

  • A design client we’ve collaborated with on your beautiful branding, website &/or product creation and you’re ready to take your impact to the next level using the gorgeous foundations you already have to launch from!

Baby, this is the program & community you’ve been waiting for!

You’re passionate about:

  • Inner happiness

  • Enhancing your creativity

  • Connectedness to self

  • Simplification & clarity on your message

  • Living in the moment

  • Feeling deeply fulfilled & satisfied with life

  • Abundant energy

  • Playfulness & child-like freedom

  • Increasing your productivity quality & impact of your messaging

  • Shining your light & rocking the gifts you were born with

  • Blowing your mind as to your capabilities

  • Creating extraordinary results

I hear you, baby!

I created this to be a community of like-minded luminaries to connect, but also to grow and take action on making your passions, ideas, dreams, desires a REALITY.

I don’t think there’s anything out there like this and that’s why I’ve created it. I want a community where we are dedicated and devoted to our soul-fuelled living & leading and it’s backed up by ACTION rather than simply ‘speak’.

I’m sick of the pretty pictures and pretty words and pretty re-sharing of ideas on social media. What I want to know is WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT? Are you living aligned with those ideals? Are you devoting your life to making it the best it can be? Or are you sitting on the sidelines, covering vision boards and Pinterest boards with gorgeousness and feeling empty at the end of the day KNOWING you have more in your soul to share and that you WANT to be doing?

I’ll let you know clearly this is not a magic bullet community and I ain’t got no snake oil for ya. What I do have is passion, strategies, commitment, devotion and my sexy ass in the trenches WITH YOU.

I closed public access to my 1:1 mentoring in early 2015. I absolutely LOVE what I do and ADORE what my clients create and the aligned results they make manifest. 

I NEEDED to create this community, it’s been intuitively downloaded & it’s been hard to SLEEP due to my intense passion & excitement about the magic we’re co-creating as the SOUL FUELLED & SELF MADE leaders we are!


Let’s do this!


YOU are the radness, my friend HOWEVER to access the killer awesomeness that is SOUL FUELLED & SELF MADE we’ve created a STACK of ways for you to connect & further AMP UP the radness that is YOU.


VIP Website

You’ll receive access to our VIP membership hub for ease of accessing all SF&SM content, along with direct weekly emails introducing the modules whilst running live. Once the program is complete, all content will be available to access 24/7.



Easily digestible, inspiring, refreshing & exclusive MP3s for all modules will be available to stream directly through the membership hub OR download for use on any of your devices so you can listen in on the go!



Beautiful eBooks will be available for each module for ease of accessing the content via the website, your computer or downloading to utilise on your various devices —— or of course, for old school printing if that’s your jam!



Custom interactive PDF playsheets for each module are included to help cement the concepts & see you taking action even faster. These are simple to journal with, fill out, record your thoughts, get ideas out of mind & language what you truly want!


Facebook Group

You’ll receive an invitation to our private Facebook group to connect with your fellow soul-fuelled leaders, receive bonus training, ideas & prompts AND be accountable for the magic you want to create! This is the place for kickass support, connection, community, like-minded legend & sharing WHEREBY it is the norm to live our truth & shine our inner magic, DAILY!



Private VIP unique bonus video training will be available PLUS livestream Facebook videos within our private group for direct connection, questions & accountability.

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The SOUL FUELLED & SELF MADE 6 week program kicks off at 9am AEST on Monday 28th January 2019. Upon joining SF&SM you’ll be sent the details via email to register your exclusive membership so please save [email protected] as a contact. You’ll also get invited to the private Facebook group to start meeting other soul-fuelled leaders! The program runs LIVE for 6 weeks, whereby the content is then completely available on-going for you in the membership hub to review & reconnect with whenever needed. You are highly encouraged to connect in to the Facebook group as often as you like for accountability, cheerleading, masterminding, high-vibing & support!

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


module-1-set-350Week 1

January 28 {available immediately}

Define What Fuels YOUR Soul, Determine The Facets Of Life That Are Integral To Your True Fulfillment & Connect Deeper To Your Inner Fire

  • Look at your life & business holistically to get clarity on what TRUE success means to you.
  • OWN what drives you, what is of utmost importance to you & the message you KNOW the world needs to hear NOW {from you of course, because there ain’t no one quite like you, baby!}
  • Get deeper clarity on your dreams, goals & desires to create a treasure map unique to you so every day you know clearly WHY you’re rocking out as the high vibing soul-fuelled leader you were BORN to be.

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module-2-set-350Week 2

February 4

Deeply Commit To Your Passions, Devote To Values + Beliefs That Delight You & Set Your Rock Steady Soul-Aligned Foundation

  • Explore mindset rituals, affirmations & practices that will serve you DAILY to connect to your soul’s work & encourage aligned action.
  • Create your personal & business manifestos to solidify your voice, focus, intentions & commitments.
  • Set unique practices to connect to your soul fire at any moment & establish your soul calibration compass to see you making aligned decisions moment to moment henceforth.

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module-3-set-350Week 3

February 11

Amp Up Your Energy, Confidently + Congruently Brand YOU & Shine Brighter Than Ever

  • Along with your soul & mindset foundations you’ve already set, explore your physical needs to be your most radiant, clear, sexy & badass self.
  • Uncover what energises YOU & gets you vibing high for feeling maximum passion & supreme aligned productivity {along with some hot tips & resources for extra tools in your kit!}
  • Refine your visual & energetic representation to your tribe so that the personal branding of YOU lights you up & sees you fearlessly showing up daily to share your inner magic.

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module-4-set-350Week 4

February 18

Connect With Your Tribe, Expand Your Offerings, Inspire 24/7 & Increase Your Abundance!

  • Set your path for sharing your message, connecting to YOUR true tribe & developing a truly aligned platform that feels incredible.
  • Explore the expansion of your message through your product range & offerings – digital & physical, 1:1 + passive & have a blueprint to explode your business to the next income level whilst staying true to your soul’s work.
  • Connect to the limitless source of creativity, inspiration & intuition available to you at all times for designing deeply aligned products, programs & messages for your tribe that create raving fans & kickass results.

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module-5-set-350Week 5

February 25

Shake The World, Make A Legendary Difference & Design Your Legacy

  • Embrace vulnerability, lose the filter, be the RAW legendary you & connect deeper with those you’re here to elevate & rock out with.
  • Develop even deeper self awareness over all your integral life & business facets to maintain a holistic balance unique to YOU that fuels fulfillment.
  • Get deep-seated clarity on the legacy you’re creating, the music you need to unleash & the inner magic you MUST share before you die.

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module-6-set-350Week 6

March 4

Lock In Your Progress For Continued Momentum, Cultivate Grit & Nail Down YOUR Daily Prosperity Rituals

  • Reflect on the positive progress you’ve made, why it’s important to continue forward & what you need to support your on-going motivation & inspiration so you LIVE the life you were born for.
  • Explore discipline of successful leaders as inspiration for fine-tuning your OWN grit & establish your ‘get back on track’ plan should ‘life’ get in the way of your soul’s work.
  • Lock in YOUR non-negotiable daily prosperity rituals so you set yourself up for being the best version of yourself & being the change you want to see in the world as a soul-fuelled & self-made leader!

“I’m not afraid. I was born to do this.”

~ Joan Of Arc

Bliss Inventive-11-2-square 800pxALOHA LEGEND, I’M NIKKI

I’m Nikki and I am an inspirational writer, speaker and creator for rebels with a cause: entrepreneurs, innovators, spirit junkies, healers, wellness devotees, lovers, leaders and seekers who want to leave the world a bit better.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I help legends invoke their inner spirit and confidence, radiate with joy and to revolutionise their lives.

But it’s more than just what I do; it’s my calling.

In a nutshell – I’m Aries personified and on a mission to ignite the spark of inspiration in as many people as possible, so it becomes their new ‘normal’.

Every day I commit to being the best version of myself possible. I know that living at 100% inspires others to dream, believe, take inspired action and prosper. So, every day, I recommit to shining my light and making my bliss happen. I also test the principles I teach on a daily basis to ensure I share only the most valuable resources in the biz.

As a result, every month I am creating even more abundance in my life. I started my first business at 19 and every year I more than double the profits and open up new opportunities, freedom and a proven track record of successful techniques to help you achieve your dreams and follow your bliss.

All of this is so I can show you an exciting and meaningful reality where anything is possible. I want you to open your mind to new options, consider new pathways and summon the courage to follow your biggest dreams. I am here to serve you. I am passionate about your success and seeing you live your bliss. I want you to shine! And I have the tools, education, strategies and committed passion to ensure this is a reality.

I’m always hearing: “How do you do it all?!” Something I’m never asked is: “When are you going to get on with it?” OR “When are you going to _________”. I’m a soul-driven action taker who’s always aiming to live my most kickass life in ALL it’s facets.

I believe we need to embrace & express our inner magic in this lifetime.

I believe our soul-fuelled expression is our legacy.

I believe in taking daily action towards our biggest dreams.

I believe in making bliss happen.

I believe we need to LIVE INTO our best self. Right now.

I believe in me. I believe in you. I believe in shaking the world with our passions.

We’ve got this, baby!

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inspired-coach-cover-nikki-hassettPROFESSIONAL BIO

Nikki Fern is a soul fuelled creator, transformational coach, inspirational speaker, creative director of Bliss Inventive, founder of Bliss Is Our Birthright and author of Make Bliss Happen.

Along with a truckload of passion for living this one wild life, Nikki is passionate about lifetime learning with 12 years mastery as an elite brand designer, 5 years expertise in human behaviour, Meta Dynamics I, II & III, group facilitation, speaking and has her diploma of Transformational Life & Business Coaching.

She is widely featured amongst the likes Cosmopolitan, Inspired Coach, The Gold Coast Bulletin, Chictopia, Chik, Wild Sister, Dolly & The Daily Mercury.

Nikki believes we all have inner magic to embrace in our lifetime and that our soul-fuelled expression is our legacy.

Nikki writes, creates art & products to help us SEE…
She speaks to help us HEAR…
Her intention is to motivate and inspire to help us FEEL…
to constantly reignite that inner spark where we KNOW we are naturally joy, peace, bliss, love.

Nikki is amazing at seeing true colours, exquisite creation, rapid soul fuelled growth and living her truth {and cosmically passionate about showing the way!}

You can find Nikki on Facebook, Instagram, and at


“One of the best things I have ever done is inspirational coaching with Nikki. Straight away, we were on the same level and she ‘got’ me and what I wanted to achieve. Gently peeling layer by layer until we reached the true ‘heart’ of what I needed to be coached on, Nikki intuitively found my key pain points and unlocked barriers that had been holding me back in my life and my career.  I walked away from my session feeling calm, grounded and empowered to go out there and kick butt. Coaching with Nikki wasn’t just about business coaching or even life coaching – it was a really soulful combination of intuitive guidance that allowed me to step into a more authentic, confident me.”

~ Cassandra Lane {Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine}

Spending time with Nikki feels like days of picnics in the sunshine, old-fashioned boogie nights and deep soul-searching conversations over a delicious bowl of healthy goodness. She radiates happiness and joy and you can’t help but feel serene in her presence.
Nikki has taught me confidence, to dream big and to just go and do it! She allows people to let go of things they should not be holding on to and encourages you to bring new, more positive, things into your life.
I would love to see Nikki spreading her joy and enthusiasm to people everywhere; on a GIANT scale.”

~ Chelsea

“Nikki has been such a pleasure to work with! A radiant sunbeam! I have gone into business blindly taking each step as it comes, Nikki has been such a massive support and totally cheering me on, every step along the way. Not only is she a world of talent, her work being bright & uplifting; her intention and her beautiful energy is what drew me to her. If you ever hold motivational workshops and seminars in the future Nikki, please keep me posted! I can not thank you enough Nikki! You are an angel!”

~ Madelene Moore {Live Free Yoga}

“I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, creative genius, professionalism and inspiration! You are so skilled and a true gem to work with!”

~ Madonna Williams

“I love reading your posts and discovering parts of your journey. You have the most utmost honesty and beautiful rawness with every word you speak! There is no tip toeing or sugar coating it’s truly amazing Nikki and a real inspiration! You should be so so proud! “

~ Fiona McGregor

“Not only wildly talented, creative & tech savvy (think custom websites, ebooks, branding & more) … but also incredibly kind, generous, heart-centred and dedicated to her vision of supporting people with getting their message out into the world. PS she’s also a highly sort after life mentor & did I mention a published author? Oh yeah Baby, this Girl is the real deal. If you’re looking to launch your own website, design project or perhaps you just really want to work with peeps that are making a epic difference in the world, I highly recommend you connect yourself with Nikki today. Looking back, I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to make my website a reality …but, when you have a bright spark like Nikki on your side, anything is truly possible.”

~ Amelia Hill

“I delightfully stumbled across you and oh wow! The gorgeousness of your words and your site are breathtaking. Yes, the message that we can live out our true purpose if we live authentically is really started to show signs to me everywhere. Thank you for all that you do.”

~ Melanie C



“Just received my copy of ‘Make Bliss Happen’ a most stunning book! I opened my beautiful parcel to find so many bright glossy pages of inspiration and love…you can’t start your day any other way but awesome with this book on your kitchen bench..!! Order now!! I promise you’ll absolutely love it..!!”

~ Michelle Blauw {Darcy Surfboards}

“Getting stuck into my copy of Make Bliss Happen! ‘The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels’ I love this book so much! Your book’s amazing Nikki, you should be so proud of it!!”

~ Sarah Nicholls {Nutritional Bliss}

“I was sooooo excited to get your books ….totally deliciously divine at a peek! Just wanted to say ‘thank you’. Your work in the world is so gorgeously colourful and beautiful.”

~ Maria Golding {Maria Golding}

“Make Bliss Happen just arrived for me and may I say it’s simply amazing!! I purchased two one for myself and one for a present and I have a dear friend who I think could use this book more then me right now so I think I may just have to order another!! What an amazing achievement and such an amazing book! Nikki, you should be more then proud of yourself! You are now bringing bliss to other peoples lives ~ thank you!”

~ Katie Wilson {Addiction Adventure Wear}

“Your beautiful book just arrived + it’s stunning! Inspiration overload.”

~ Julie Parker {Beautiful You}

“Make Bliss Happen is a truly beautiful book. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

~ Skye H

“Love your work Nikki! Just bought another copy of your book… Very excited! I’m loving it, you are so talented.”

~ Kristy Baretta {Power of Alkalinity}

“I finished reading your book this morning Nikki! It is lovely, inspirational and such a nice book for life!”

~ Laura L

“You are so freaking talented!?You are mind blowingly beautiful (both body + soul!) You are an incredible artist. You are changing the world. The Universe has your back.”

~ Cassandra Lane {Happiness + Wellbeing}

“Just received our Make Bliss Happen books. It is out of control amazing. So proud of you Nikki. What a great achievement.”

~ Emma Peart {ZEP Finance}

“Make Bliss Happen is such a beautiful book written with so much joy!”

~ Ayla F



“I squealed with delight when this little baby arrived today! My Daily Dream Creator from Bliss Inventive I think it holds the treasures of the Universe Nikki, you are one talented lady! Cannot WAIT to start using it!! Sqweeee!!!”

~ Kylie Pax

“Got dreams? Get yourself a copy of the Bliss Inventive Daily Dream Creator. This stunning daily tool is going to be my bible for the 365 days I will be using it. The perfect reminder to continually give gratitude, presence, abundance, joy and love. I love love LOVE this companion Do one thing daily in the direction of your dreams, and always prioritise that ear-to-ear smile, year to year.”

~ The Happiness Hunter

“Okay… Today I got some maaaaaassive insight into why I was an itty bitty bit stressed last year. I didn’t have a diary!!! I don’t know how I thought I could keep everything in my head last year! Guess I didn’t. Now with my trusty Daily Dream Creator (which is SO much more than a diary) life is organised. It feels really expansive but at the same time bite-sized. So if you are feeling out of control and you don’t have a diary, go get one right now!”

~ Emily Ehlers

“Super excited to start mapping out my big dreams! So beautiful, I love it Nikki! You’ve done an amazing job!”

~ Carlee Modra

“I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely LOVING the Daily Dream Creator. It’s been so amazing carving out some time each morning to hold space for my intentions for the day and really focus on what I can do each day for different elements of my life. Thank you so much for creating it!”

~ Liana Beukes


I wholeheartedly ADORE this program & cannot WAIT to share it with you. I want you to be a part of this Soul Fuelled movement & AMPLIFY your life, in all areas. So I’m sweetening the deal for you to make this even more of a HELL YES. Because YOU are capable of living the life you dream of, you’re READY to feel fulfilled DAILY & I want to support you, hold you accountable & be a part of your elevation adventure!

My 1:1 mentoring positions haven’t been open to the public since early 2015 and other than my VDA private members & VIP clients, SOUL FUELLED & SELF MADE is the only way to coach with me.

So let’s do this, baby!

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1:1 ‘Own Your Flavour’ Coaching Session with Nikki

I am passionate about helping YOU make 2019 your best year yet, so for the first time ever in my group programs I’m including a 1:1 session with me. My soul says a massive YES to this & I know it will amplify your results even further, so we’ll be in touch once you’re booked in to work out the best time for your exclusive VIP session with me. 2019, we’ve got you!!


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Visionary Design Academy – “Become Your Own Designer” Online Program

How to ignite your creative potential + become the design alchemist you need in 6 weeks!

Alchemy. That’s what this innovative six-week course is all about: taking you from where you are now, combining distilled design secrets, business knowledge, branding wisdom and cultivated ‘how-to’ training and then transforming your ideas into liquid gold so you can take your biz to the next level.

Crafted for the intuitive business owner, blogger + entrepreneur, The Visionary Design Academy’s world first Become Your Own Designer program will give you the skills and know-how to become your own in-house designer, branding maestro and creative alchemist.

Shine your light. Inspire yourself and your tribe. Elevate your knowledge and skill set. Rock your world.

Become YOUR OWN designer.


VDA-modules new 2016


  • Have access to step-by-step guides to help you master the design basics that will have you weaving visual magic in no time

  • Get the insider’s guide to understanding confusing design lingo

  • Connect with your inspiration, creativity and inner muse

  • Learn how to create custom designs that pop for your biz, blog and social media that are congruent with your brand and have gorgeous visual appeal

  • Learn how to design your own eBooks/workbooks to develop a passive income stream for your biz

  • Gain confidence to become your own visionary in-house design guru!

You’ll also:

  • Save valuable time in getting your beautiful ideas out to the world

  • Save money, invest in yourself and increase your own value

  • Learn the insider secrets of the design trade

  • Catapult your biz to the next level + become PRO!

  • Benefit from kick-ass business growth mentoring from Nikki’s decade of studying and working in graphic art and design {not to mention her training in transformational life coaching & business mentoring!}

  • Become your own branding virtuoso so you and your biz can stand out from the crowd

What you get:

  • An innovative complete program immediately available to begin via six easy-to-digest modules

  • Access to inspiring + enlightening recorded video trainings for each module

  • Exclusive access to the beautiful Academy membership site where you can self-pace your learning, review all of the course materials & learn from the pros

  • A collection of comprehensive yet simple how-to videos that will have you designing the biz + blog of your dreams

  • Access to Nikki’s ‘Little Black Book’ of recommended design, software, app and business resources

  • 24/7 access to the Design Academy so you can review and re-do the course as often as you like – the entire course is ready at your fingertips as soon as you join!



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VIP beautiful and useful imagery, inspirables, printables & art templates to help you fast pace getting your message out, beautifully.

You can use with your own brand messaging, inspiration, vision boards, beautifying your space, visual aesthetic, reconnecting to your truth & passion.

A full library of inspirational computer & phone wallpapers will also be available so you can pimp out ALL your devices to support your greatest good & to motivate you 24/7!



“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”

~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


full program mockup 940

“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.”

~ Steven Pressfield, The War of Art


Please, don’t die with your music still in you.

You have SO much to offer, to enjoy, to harvest – in all facets of your one, wild life.

You can have all YOU want. Perhaps, if you believe it, you can’t have ‘balance’ or ‘it all’ or ‘it all right now’ – but I deeply believe you can have all YOU want. And you can create a harmony of all those beautiful facets that brings peace & fulfillment to YOU. And that’s what truly matters. What’s more? When you are LIVING soul-fuelled, it is even EASIER to elevate all areas of your life. And that’s where I want to focus – YOUR inner magic; YOUR music; YOUR passions; YOUR truth. There will be no one else like you on this earth, ever. No one will do what you’re here to do – with your flavour, experiences & passion. You are NEEDED!

We’re focusing on getting you into holistic alignment and into inspired action and ultimately that’s what it’s about.

You know you’ve got what it takes, so take let’s get started!


  • Define What Fuels YOUR Soul, Determine The Facets Of Life That Are Integral To Your True Fulfillment & Connect Deeper To Your Inner Fire

  • Deeply Commit To Your Passions, Devote To Values + Beliefs That Delight You & Set Your Rock Steady Soul-Aligned Foundation

  • Amp Up Your Energy, Confidently + Congruently Brand YOU & Shine Brighter Than Ever

  • Connect With Your Tribe, Expand Your Offerings, Inspire 24/7 & Increase Your Abundance!

  • Shake The World, Make A Legendary Difference & Design Your Legacy

  • Lock In Your Progress For Continued Momentum, Cultivate Grit & Nail Down YOUR Daily Prosperity Rituals


membership hubYou’ll receive:

  • VIP 24/7 membership hub access

  • VIP Audios

  • VIP eBooks

  • VIP Playsheets

  • VIP Videos

  • Private Facebook Group Community


You’ll also receive:

  • 1:1 ‘Own Your Flavour’ Coaching Session with Nikki $150 RRP INCLUDED

  • Membership to The Visionary Design Academy ‘Become Your Own Designer’ program $489 RRP INCLUDED

  • VIP library of beautiful and useful imagery, inspirables, printables & art templates $499 RRP INCLUDED


full program mockup 940

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

~ Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love

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