Wanting the magic to stand out from the crowd? You’re in the right place.

Welcome to the haven of soul-fuelled artistry for radiant rebels-with-a-cause who live to brighten their corner of the Universe.

I’m Nikki and I make beautiful things.

You’re not like the rest, you are forging your own path and making a difference in the world as you do so. You want your aesthetic to be as stunning and magnetic as your passion.

I have been a designer for 17 years; from top floor corporate work with multinationals to entrepreneurs starting movements to shake the world.

I currently create magic in a treehouse by the beach in North Queensland, Australia ~ an hour from the Great Barrier Reef. (I’m sure *my* brand visuals make a bit more sense knowing this!)

I love designing with soul and strategy. Creating visuals with depth and vibrance. I want every single client I work with to be shouting their magic from the rooftops.

I am an Aries sun, Sagittarius moon, Aquarius rising, Manifesting Generator. I’m here to make a difference and to do it with fiery, revolutionary pizazz.

Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about energy, creativity bursts, motivation and launches. I’ve tried and tested SO many ways of collaborating and my current immersions see us launching your brand in a week and your website in a month. This process keeps momentum hot, creativity sparking and businesses flourishing. It works, baby!

That being said, I’m only one human, so understandably, spots fill up fast. If you’ve been thinking about making magic with me, this is your sign!

So basically, working 1:1 with me is for you if you like to get things DONE, harness that big magic whilst it’s present and launch your bigger & better offerings to the world ASAP!

Choose your own adventure…

What do you seek, dearest soul-fuelled visionary?
Soul-Fuelled Logo & Brand Identity Creation

I have a special place in my heart for creating one-of-a-kind brands from scratch.

Creating a visual aesthetic that connects to your community and speaks the essence of your brand makes my soul sing!

I’ll ensure your branding foundation is as internally solid as it’s externally stunning.

I can’t wait to spend 7 days together to bring YOUR vision to life.

Stunning + User-Friendly Website Design & Development

I love designing and developing stunning, dynamic, user-friendly, modern, professional and responsive websites to bring gorgeous branding to the digital landscape.

You want to create an online haven that expresses your company’s values, mission, and identity—a resource that speaks to your customer base in a way they can relate to and appreciate.

Once upon a time you needed a bricks and mortar ‘home’ for your business. Now you can choose to operate solely online, location independent!

Let’s create a gorgeous online haven for you that in 30 days can shine your light globally 24/7 whether viewed on desktop, tablet or phone!

Unique 1:1 Custom Artwork Collaborations

I love unique, rad and wonderful collaborations. I can design virtually anything for the print & digital realms. I get ridiculously excited about new ideas and ventures, especially if I have handcrafted your branding!

I’m SO ready to help you take your gorgeous aesthetic to another level!

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